Welcome to the Bagua Shing Yi Chuan Association

24 Aug

Our Shing yi was brought to America by Sifu Kenny Gong who was from canton china. He learned Shing yi from a General An Fei who Lived with him. This version of Shing Yi is different from the versions normally seen on such mediums as You tube. How? In Many ways, such as the San Ti posture held by most versions is called San Choi. The element names are also different because of the Dialect that General An Fei Spoke. They are Pek, June, Bong, Pao and Wong. They are the same Metal, Water Wood Fire, and Earth but the attributes are somewhat different for EX, Metal is splitting, We Chop, Water is drilling, but the execution of the common versions spiral, Wood is crushing, like a battering Ram, ours on the other hand is more like Arrows Straight and true. Fire is pounding, but in ours the attributes are Rising and Expanding. Earth is crossing, but ours is Turning or Spinning or Rotating or Revolving.


The core of Shing Yi Chuan training is the 5 elements Pek, June
Bong, Pao and Wong. We teach the standing meditations: San Choi, Bear, Hawk, Tiger and Wuji. The five exercises which are:
1) Serving Tea Cups, 2) Lion Plays with Ball, 3)Lifting a thousand Pounds, 4) Seek Moon at the Sea Bottom, 5) Boa Constrictor Waves it’s Head. The 5 elements are the foundation of the system. The names are different because of the particular Dialect that was spoken by Sifu Gong’s teacher. The Sets in this style of Shing Yi are, The Five Elements which is the base and power form, The 12 Animal form and the Assorted form which is a combination of the Animals and Elements. The 12 animals are: Tiger,Dragon,Swallow,Monkey,Bear,Eagle,Snake,Alligator,Ostrige,Hawk,Horse and Chicken.. We teach Eagle and Bear fighting in which we learn about horizontal and vertical circles. We also teach the Production cycle = Wood, Fire Earth, Metal, Water and the Conquering cycle = Wood metal fire water earth. These are also taught as two man drills and sets for experiential understanding of the energies being employed.
Pek- Metal -represents the lungs and large intestines. By training the physical movement for metal the lungs are allowed to open and go back to their normal position without the physical stress that most exercises we know of in the west produce. The action of metal is the image of the Axe man Chopping wood.
Jun- Water -represents the kidneys and urinary bladder. By doing the physical movement for water, we learn how to exercise the kidneys by training a drilling motion with the arms. Alignment is crucial because doing water incorrectly can cause damage to the kidneys. Water produces wood and conquers fire and is controlled by earth.
Bong- Wood -represents the liver and Gallbladder. The movement of wood is an opening and closing of the liver. Because of the physical movement of wood we train one side of the body at a time during Single Element practice. Wood helps to reduce toxins in the blood if done correctly. The action of wood is like an arrow, straight and true. Wood produces Fire, Conquers Earth and is controlled by metal.
Pao- Fire –represents the heart and small intestines. if done correctly, fire strengthens the heart and blood vessels. The movement of fire can be used to control blood pressure. The attribute of Fire is a rising and expanding. Fire produces Earth, is conquered by Water and controls Metal.
Wong- Earth -represents the spleen and the stomach. If done correctly one can strengthen the spleen as well as the stomach. Earth is the mother of the other 4 Elements. It is usually taught last as it is more difficult to learn. Earth produces Metal conquers Water and is controlled by Fire.

Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Sifu Gong, is a complete synthesis of Shing Yi And Ba Gua. They compliment each other. The 8 powers and the Elements are contained within the Kua’s. You first learn to stand. From this you learn stillness. Next you begin to move while maintaining that stillness. The 5 elements are within the body. As you do the Palms, the elements are expressed, and as you do the 5 Elements, Ba Gua is expressed vertically. The difference in this style is, this style is taught with Shing yi’s power. On a higher level the styles merge like a marriage, so the two become one. Such that when doing either style the powers interchange so they are always hidden.

Trigram Element

Chi’en – Heaven Metal

K’un – Earth Earth

K’an –Water Water

Li – Fire Fire

Sun –Wind Wood

Chen – Thunder Wood

Tui – Lake Metal

Ken – Mountain Earth

Media Lessons


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